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We are a team of Uruguayan creatives who fell in love with the Dominican Republic, presenting us here as the MALUKO’S brand. Our passion for art and design was born in 1998, with a group of friends who focused primarily on the merchandising of rock and roll bands in our country and for some time now also of all types of national artists. and international as well as multitudinous events inside and outside the country, always betting on the quality of our products both in the materials and in the impressions and designs.

Today we immerse ourselves in the Dominican Republic with the passion that characterizes us and with the
goal to innovate, develop and give life to a new trend to the merchandising of the place. With our experience we are ready to face any challenge, as we have our group of creatives and artists from all over the world.

We present our collection of exclusive t-shirts, as well as offering the service of developing designs and corporate websites based on the needs of each of our clients. For more information contact us

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